Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 21-31

Items of Service for Day 21!

1. Unfortunately I didn't post this soon enough and I cannot recall what I did on this day. 

Items of Service for Day 22!

1. I again decided to bring the Trash Can back to the neighbors house.

Items of Service for Day 23!

1. I picked up milkshake for my team at work.

Items of Service for Day 24!

1. I gave my mom a ride home from the Doctors office.
2. I donated blood.

Items of Service for Day 25 - 28!

1. I was on vacation during this time so I decided to set a vacation goal. I made an effort to be on the lookout for people trying to take photos together. For example if I saw a family trying to take a photo but the Dad had to stand out I would offer to take their photo. I was amazed by how many times I was able to take a photo for someone.  At one point the people I was with started to point out groups that I might be able to help. This wasn't a huge service but it was a fun one, hopefully their photos all turned out. 

Items of Service for Day 29!

1. Brought my Mom lunch.

Items of Service for Day 30!

1. Mowed my Mom's lawn.
2. Organized items for Relay for Life.

Items of Service for Day 31!

1. Contacted a friend.
2. Invited a friend to do something.
3. Helped someone clean up a mess.

More Service Stories to Share

1. There was a recall for my car and I knew I needed to get it checked before heading to Vegas. I was able to schedule an appointment then quickly realized I would need a ride to and from the mechanic shop. Whitney and Sheri didn't even hesitate and both offered to do more. Thank you for always being there for me.

2. My Mom needed a ride to the Doctors office, I had a lot going on that day and tried to arrange my schedule but it wasn't working. My Mom called my cousin Barbara and she didn't even pause. She asked when and showed up the next day. Thanks Barbara for being a great example to me and for helping my Mom!

3. I needed a vase for a lesson I would be teaching. I had talked to my Mom about my ideas and when I got home from work one night a vase that fit my exact description was sitting in the living room. Thanks for serving without even being asked. 

I honestly can't believe an entire month has already gone by. I started this little project on a whim and I could not be more grateful. My eyes have been opened and I stand in amazement at how many opportunities present themselves everyday. Funny thing is I think I was blessed more by this experience then anyone I even tried to help. I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life that set an example everyday! Thank you to everyone this item was easy because of you. Lets mark another one off the list.

32. Participate in a full month of Service

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