Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 13, 14, 15 and 16

Items of service for day 13!

1. Made dinner for my Mom!
2. Returned a few items to the church for a friend.

Items of service for day 14!

1. Took my Mom and Whitney out to dinner.

Items of service for day 15!

1. Made dinner for someone recovering from surgery. (Cross your fingers it tasted good)

Items of service for day 16!

1. Pretended to work for a floral shop to deliver flowers and a card to someone that just lost a baby. Thanks for letting me help Sheri, I enjoyed every minute of it!

More Service Stories to Share

1. Sheri was on her way home from Utah when she decided to stop at the gas station in Kaysville to grab a soda. She walked in got her drink and walked up to the line. There were a few people in line waiting and she noticed the clerk was on the phone talking to somebody. She listened for awhile and realized that the girl at the front of the line was trying to pay for her gas that she had already pumped and her card was not working. She was from out of town, had no one she could call and no other form of payment. Once the clerk finished his lengthy conversation he hung up the phone and informed the girl that he would have to call the cops because the gas had been pumped but payment could not be made. He continued to talk to the girl. A couple minutes had passed and Sheri noticed a line forming behind her. People started to voice their irritation for having to wait. Once gentlemen (while on the phone) made it clear that he had the stuff for his mother but didn't think he would ever make it there because the girl in the front was holding everyone up. The clerk then told the girl to step aside so he could ring everyone up and then he would try to help her again. It was obvious she was embarrassed and so worried about what was going to happen, nobody seemed to care. After another minute passed it was Sheri's turn to pay for her soda, she stepped up to the counter and asked the clerk what was going on. He explained the situation and Sheri asked how much was owed for the gas the clerk told her $23, she didn't even pause and stated that she would pay for the gas. The clerk was shocked and explained that he was on the phone with his boss asking if they could just write it off, his boss said no and that the cops needed to be called. The clerk added up her total and it came to...$23, Sheri quickly reminded him that she also had a soda. The clerk said the soda was on him and thanked her for helping out. As she walked out of the store she made eye contact with the others and apologized for making them wait as the clerk ran outside to tell the girl she could leave. They immediately tried to cover their feelings (now that they knew the story) and thanked Sheri for doing something so nice. Thanks for the example Sheri and thanks to the Clerk at that gas station that served in return, and thanks to the others in line for reminding me to be a little more patient you never know the whole story.

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