Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 10,11, and 12

Items of Service for Day 10!

1. Put together a goodie basket for some family in the hospital.

Items of Service for Day 11!

1. Today was a tricky day when it came to service, I was shot down 3 times after offering to help. I didn't let this stop me though and I continued to look for opportunities to serve.  I currently work at Idaho Central and on Friday we had a cleanup day. I was able to take some time and help pick up trash around our building.  It is great to see a company work together to keep their area clean. Thanks Idaho Central for letting me serve!

Items of Service for Day 12!

This post is going to be a little different because I want to focus on items of service that I observed today and throughout this month. I have received several text messages, emails and phone calls from people that have wanted to share their service story with me.  I also regularly hear people jokingly say "I better go do my one nice thing for the day." I love this! This is what it is all about so I thought I would pass along some of these messages:

1. "This old lady at Walmart couldn't reach the bread in the top shelf so I got it for her" - Something so easy but it probably meant the world to the lady needing the bread. Danielle you are awesome!

2. After watching a lady try to get into her locker at lava, Lacey immediately stepped in and pointed the lady to the correct locker and opened it for her.  Lacey you didn't even hesitate, thanks for being such a great example!

3. We were pulling into Costco today and my Mom went to park but as she pulled in there was a cart in the parking spot.  My Mom didn't even have time to put the car in park so I could jump out and get it, a guy from across the parking lot handed his cart to his wife and ran over to move the cart that was in our way. He didn't even think twice.  I want to be like that and serve without hesitation! 

4. I attended a Relay for Life meeting and I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the Relay for Life volunteers. This is a huge event that take a lot of time and I know most of them have families and work full time yet they still find time to volunteer. Makes me realize that maybe I can do a little more. 

There are a million more examples I could include on here but I wanted to just mention a few.  Do you guys have any service stories?

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