Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Act of Helpful Activity!

I have had the opportunity to really reflect on my life the last two days and realize just how lucky I am. I think it is really easy to feel sorry for ourselves, to tear ourselves down, to think "if only I had what they had."We wish we could just change something, or we wish that we could be done with school, that we could be married, that we could have kids, that we could own the big home...etc. With all of these thoughts it is easy to become so focused on ourselves that we become sad or depressed, I truly believe the best thing we can do to combat these thoughts is to look outside of ourselves and serve others.  This is the inspiration for the first addition to my bucket list...

32. Participate in a full month of Service

Now you may be thinking...what does this mean exactly? Well to me it means that everyday for one full month I have to focus on serving others. These items can be big or small whether it be helping someone move, or leaving a nice thank-you note for someone, or simply reaching out to someone in need. I want to focus on thinking of others and forgetting about myself. I am so blessed for everything I have been given and I want to give back to others. For this goal I will need to record one act of service each day and blog about that act, my feelings and any outcomes I might witness; I am in no way looking for praise or do I want to appear that I am this "amazing" person but I do want to be able to reflect on this month because I have a feeling great things can come from it. There is no better time to start then the present, so the month of May has officially been declared the Month of Service! I have always loved the thought of service and I have this amazing image in my head of a world that is filled with people that want to serve others, a world where selfishness doesn't exist...what a wonderful world it would be.

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