Monday, May 7, 2012

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance - Guest Post

How Can I Get Started With Journaling For Wellness?

Are you someone who has recently undergone some kind of bump in your life? Whether you are going through a daunting mesothelioma prognosis to being diagnosed with arthritis, or even dealing with family problems or even professional problems, it is very easy to feel as though you are adrift. Journaling allows us to get to know ourselves better, and when it comes to goals, this is just what you need to do. How can you use a simple journal to help you figure out what kind of goals you

Pick Up a Journal

Head to the bookstore and find a journal that calls to you. Some people prefer to blog online, while other people will be happy with a drugstore notebook. Having a pretty journal can help you set the scene and it allows you to feel as though you are making a start. Choose a small journal, one that you can easily carry on your person, and make sure that you are comfortable with it in your hand. Having a journal that makes you happy can get you off on the right foot.

Start With Immediate Goals

There is no time like the present to get started with your goals, so sit down with your journal. To get in the mood for writing down what you want, you can easily start by writing down the things that you want to accomplish this week. Start with mundane things like paying bills and getting to work on time, and then continue on to things like spending time with your family or taking care of neglected chores. While this feels simple enough, it creates a sense of accountability and it also gives you the satisfaction of crossing things off of your list.

Choose Long Term Goals

Look forward to the next five or ten years of your life. There are plenty of people out there who never look further than the weekend, and then they look around and see that they’ve wasted a lot of time and a lot of money. If you pick your goals carefully, and if you are willing to make sure that you are always moving towards them, you can make things a lot easier on yourself. Take a moment to consider where you want to be with regards to the next few years.

Plotting a Path

Sometimes, the distance between where you are now and the goals that you want to reach can seem vast. How do you get from where you are to where you want to be? The truth of the matter is that you can start at any time by taking a few baby steps. Say that you want to spend a year in Greece If you want to get started with it, sign up for a language class today. Even if you are not planning your itinerary or your lodgings, you are making it more possible than it was a little while ago. Remember that some of the steps that you take are not going to be very large. As a matter of fact, in many cases, they are going to be downright tiny. However, what is important to remember is that they are cumulative.

Consider where your life is going and make sure that you choose the journaling options that are best suited for you. Not everyone wants to write in a notebook, and not everyone has goals planned out for the next ten years. People are very different, so they need different paths. Choose your goals and see the path unspool before you.

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