Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Split into 2!

I had set a goal to go to Vegas and the Grand Canyon this year however only one has occurred so I need to split this item into two.

6.     Drive to Vegas and the Grand Canyon

will now be:
6.     Drive to Vegas
33. Go to the Grand Canyon!

On May 24th Me, Charlsee Pence, Alicia Denney, and Jill Polson loaded into my car and headed to Las Vegas Nevada.  We were so excited to be on vacation that the drive down there flew by. Here are a few pics of the ride:
My car swallowed Charlsee's lid at the beginning of the trip.

This bus driver was out to get us, we took a picture just in case he succeeded.

We also have proof that there were passengers in on it.  

Did you ever wonder what it would look like to give a high five with your feet?

After a nice 9 hour drive we arrived in Las Vegas around 2:00 am. 

We stayed at my friend Terra's house (Thank-you Terra and Josh for letting us crash at your place) After finding the place we set up for bed and tried to get some sleep.  The next morning we got up early and headed to the Strip to explore.  We were going to go to Hoover Dam this day but there were so many wind warnings that we decided to wait until Saturday.  We walked up and down the strip several times (my feet were tired). 
The Luxor

Bellagio Gardens


Bee made out of flowers at the Bellagio

After exploring we decided to attend the Tournament of Kings show at the Excalibur and then immediately go to the Criss Angel show after. We purchased our tickets from a little side vendor then headed to the casinos to pick our our seats. We arrived at the Excalibur to be greeted by a few guys from the Thunder from Down Under show. :) We snapped a few pictures with them then went on our way. They let us pick which section we would like to sit in for The Tournament of Kings and we decided we wanted to cheer for the bad guy. Go Dragon! Hazah!! We had a little bit of time so we straight to the Craps table to have the dealers teach us how the game even works. After learning the basics we went on our way to the first show of the night. I don't remember the last time I yelled that loud. I have attended this show a few times but it is new and improved and we had a blast.  Dragon even came out after to take pictures with us.
We then walked to The Luxor to attend the Criss Angel BELIEVE show. He performed some great tricks (unfortunately I didn't have much of a voice to yell after the first show.) 
Criss Angel
He also took time to announce that LUDA!! Was in the house! I quickly tried to snap a picture of him.
What a great first night in Vegas! We walked a little longer then headed back to the house to turn in. The next morning we got up and drove straight to the Hoover Dam. Our first stop was on the new bridge (I didn't tell Alicia until we got there, sorry Alicia!) The bridge is high and a little scary but the view is amazing!
View from the bridge!

View of the bridge!
We then went down to the Hoover Dam and took a mini tour of the Dam and the power plant, it was super awesome. 
Inside the Dam

Power plant

After the tour we ventured out onto the Dam to explore a little.  
Posing on the Dam

Superstars (I can't believe we were on the bridge)

The wind was crazy when you looked over!
We were all in Nevada and Arizona!
After a great time at the Hoover Dam we grabbed a bite to eat a the Cheesecake Factory and then we headed back to the strip to explore some more. We did a little shopping and then headed to the other end to catch a few of the free shows. Our first stop was The Bellagio and the water show
Waiting for the water show

I want to meet the person that thought of this!

We then headed down to watch the volcano explode and the free pirate show! We were all a little tired from all of the walking (Included going up and down a million steps :) ) so we decided to grab some dessert at Serendipity.  I made sure to try the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. Great Choice! We headed to bed as soon as we were finished.  The next day we had planned to go to the Grand Canyon, however after researching it that night (Yes, we thought we had researched it before we left but I am still not sure where I was getting my information.) we realized that it was 6 hours away. We did not feel like a 12 hour drive on Sunday followed by a 9 hour drive Monday to go home. With a change of plans we ended up getting ready for church and heading to a Young Single Adult Ward in Vegas. Charlsee's friend Gabi met us there and then we headed to the Vegas Temple. 

We are mini!

Jill, Alicia, Charlsee, and Me
After the Temple we grabbed a bite to eat at The Rio's buffet then we headed to Fremont Street for the Fremont Street Experience. (And it was quite the experience, anyone and everyone is welcome on Freemont Street) We then turned in for the night. The next day we were up and out of the house by 10 to begin the journey home. We were not aware that between the stop in Mesquite, the Traffic, one food stop and a few bathroom breaks we wouldn't return home for 12 hours. (Longest drive of my life!) Big thanks to Jill for staying positive the whole way! Great vacation and even better memories! Time to cross it off the list. 

6.     Drive to Vegas

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