Sunday, April 1, 2012

How do you spell that?

The streak continues and another amazing concert is complete.  On Thursday, March 29th, Whitney and I left work around 1:00 and headed home to pack our bags for our weekend trip to Boise. We were on the road by 2:30 with our music turned up loud, headed to see Donavon Frankenreiter. Wait a second...who is that?!? This was a very common question whenever I told people what concert we were attending.  About 2.5 years ago I was introduced to Frankenreiter's music by a good friend (Wes Schumacher) and I was hooked.  He is a pretty "CHILL" artist with some amazing talent. Google him, you might like what you hear. (You won't even have to remember how to spell his name, you can just copy and paste from the blog.) After making a few regular stops on our way we drove straight to the Knitting Factory in Downtown Boise. 
So excited! We are almost there!

We have arrived! Yes we are glowing! :)
We knew we were pretty early but we didn't really have time to do anything beforehand so we decided to just go stand in line. I think we had a pretty good chance of getting a seat.

Right by the door! :)

No one behind us!
While standing in line waiting for the doors to open I looked up to see Donavon walking towards the Knitting Factory.  I looked at Whitney and said "Look, its Donavon Frankenreiter!" Then I said "Never-mind, why would he be walking out here?" The security guard in front of me immediately said "Welcome back Mr Frankenreiter!"(I knew I shouldn't second guess myself.)  All Whitney could say was "I thought he was fat!" haha. Shortly after, they opened the doors and we walked in to again find Mr Franenreiter standing by his merchandise table talking to everyone. Security had made it very clear that Cameras were not allowed in the knitting factory so I decided to settle for a few autographed items and went ahead and purchased their special package (T-shirt, CD, Poster and Mustache for only $10). Donavon was very kind to personalize them for me.

After signing them he informed us that we could take as many pictures as we wanted and he told me to get my camera and hand it to someone behind the table so they could take the picture. So awesome to see someone care about the fans so much. He stayed out with the crowd until they called him on stage.

He is known for his mustache so everyone was walking around with the fake ones, we decided we better go along with the flow. 

I now know that I would not look good with a stache! Kind of scary!
The show finally started and it sounded great! Here are a few pictures from the night. 

He brought a couple kids up to sing with him. This boy kept grabbing the mic because he knew the whole song.
Concert 2 is done, only 8 more to go.................... any suggestions?

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