Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sushi anyone?

First I want to pose the questions, How many of you actually enjoy sushi? Is it because it tastes good or is this more of a social food? I really wanted to answer this question and form my own opinion on Sushi. After leaving the hockey game Whitney suggested that we try Sushi at Happy Fish just a couple blocks from the arena. I have heard a lot about this place and thought that if I was going to try it I might as well go to a place that people brag about. We walked over to the restaurant and walked right in. I was a little overwhelmed with the menu since I didn't even know what kind of fish they were talking about.

We decided to enlist the help of our Waitress.  I let her know what I was doing and that I wanted the full Sushi experience. She  didn't even hesitate and immediately recommended 2 rolls that she claims are the best on the menu the Caterpillar and the Kulchack Combo.

I wasn't familiar with Unagi and almost wish she wouldn't have explained that it was freshwater Eel. Yum! No worries though she let me know that it tastes just like chicken. :)

Just in case you wanted to see it in it's complete form. :)
We ordered and I patiently waited for the rolls to arrive. They first brought out the Soy Sauce and Whitney gave me a quick lesson on how to eat Sushi.

And then they arrived.....

Caterpillar and Kulchack
I picked up my first piece of the Kulchack Combo roll and I prepared to eat it. I wasn't nervous about this one because I like fried shrimp and I have had tuna before and it wasn't bad at all. Here goes nothing......

That was a big bite!
Initial bite wasn't bad and then I tasted the seaweed, yuck! I felt like I swam to the bottom of the ocean and licked it. Not my favorite thing in the world. Now it was time for the big one...the EEL! Whitney just kept saying don't worry it is just chicken. She had to show me how to eat it.

It was now my turn and honestly I couldn't get the picture of an Eel out of my head but I committed to this and I was not going to give up. Here goes roll number 2....

Pretty sure my face says it all...YUM! Haha
Honestly...the eel wasn't bad at all but again that Seaweed was horrible. I couldn't control it this time and I might have gagged as the waitress walked up to our table.  I quickly covered it up by saying that the Wasabi was super hot. I'm honestly not sure if I will eat Sushi again but I can say that I gave it an honest shot and I am convinced this is simply a social food and I am really curious to know if people actually like it as much as they say they do. 

Another great item marked off the list with one more picture to prove I was there...

So here it is

28. Try Sushi


  1. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. Totally agree Jenny. YUCK! Glad you did it!