Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Concert #1 is complete and it was legit! Saturday afternoon I headed to Utah with Lacey and Whitney to attend the Boyce Avenue Concert at In the Venue in Salt Lake.

After running a few errands to the beauty supply store and Gateway mall we headed over to Red Rock to grab a bite to eat before the concert. (Best restaurant ever!) While sitting waiting for our table, Whitney decided to pull up the concert information on her phone...it started an hour before we planned. We sadly had to leave without eating and headed over to the Venue to find a line 2 blocks long. :( Sad day.  We hurried and parked the car and started walking to the end of the line. Britni finally showed up and found us in line only to announce that she had friends up a little ways. (THE FRONT OF THE LINE). :) Happy day!

Once we got in the building we headed straight upstairs to lock in an excellent location. The concert was about to begin!

Secondhand Serenade opened for Boyce Avenue, and I was so excited the sound was way better then their concert in the ISU Ballroom a few years back.  

Secondhand Serenade

He is back to a one man band but he did a great job! It was now time for the main attraction...Boyce Avenue. They chose some great songs and they sounded great! We were singing and screaming our little hearts out enjoying every second.  

Rock On!

My favorite cover song is Fast Cars, I really didn't think they would play it since they sing with Kina Grannis and she was not there but they did and I loved it!

After the concert we grabbed a bite to eat at the local Village Inn and then headed home for the late night trip back to Pocatello.  (The late trips aren't as easy as they used to be.)

Shakes may come and go but friend are furr-ever!
I can't wait for the next concert in one week... Donovan Frankenreiter.  

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