Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's ok to be barbaric, right?

Friday we decided to just enjoy our day and go with the flow. We woke up, ran a few miles, went tanning and then got our nails done. We then headed to Pad Thai (My favorite Thai restaurant). After enjoying the morning we got ready for the day and did a little shopping before the big hockey game. 

I was excited to cross another item off of my list. I haven't been to a Steelheads game for awhile but I knew it would be a ton of fun, which is why it is number 11 on my list. We headed to the event center, secured a parking spot and again went and stood in line to get into the arena. We had awesome seats right next to the ice - this was going to be a great game! Here are a few of the players warming up before the game.

And another famous, do it yourself photo....

The game started and I was on the edge of my seat, yelling the whole time. I wish I could say that I didn't jump every time a player or a puck hit the glass but I can't, I flew out of my seat a few times. The Steelheads were playing the Stockton Thunder from California. They pulled out a good win and even though there really weren't any fights and I tried to refrain from being barbaric I had a ton of fun. Here are a few pics from the game.

Ghost player!

I made him pose for quite awhile, my camera quit working.
I can finally cross one more item off of my list  with another picture to prove that we were there.

So here it is.....

11. Attend a Steelheads game

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