Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Mile" stones

Ok no judgement on this post.  I ran my fastest mile this week since I have started working out.  Yes I am very aware that this is slow but it is a "step" in the right direction. On my first run/walk I was averaging a 16 1/2 minute mile (OUCH!), but I am now down to a 12 minute mile. (Sad thing is I felt like I was going to fly off of the treadmill.) I am super excited for this "mile" stone and look forward to improving. To help with the motivation I have officially registered for the Red Rock Relay in September and the Utah Spring Dirty Dash in June.  I have been fitted for new running shoes and I am ready to rock and roll.  I am finally starting to enjoy my workouts and I sometimes even look forward to them. Now, don't get me wrong, some days are still hard but I have some great friends that give me a little kick in the right direction. (Thanks Everyone!)  I have found a little trick that seems to work for me....If I don't work out in the morning I have to pack my workout clothes and head straight to the gym when I am done with work or meetings. No excuses.  If I have to run home really quick I am not allowed to sit down...I might fall asleep. :)  I have noticed a huge difference and I am sleeping better at night. Food is still a work in progress but I have cut my portions way down and I am more aware then ever of what is going in my mouth. Now I just need to focus on weight lifting and core strength, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. I will also pay someone to show me around the gym..hint hint.

The official results are in for this week and drum roll please............................................. I am down 13 pounds which adds up to 3 inches off my Hips, 2 inches off my waist, and 1 inch off my thighs.  I was really hoping to have better results since the Golds Gym Challenge ends next week but honestly I feel like these are results that will last forever.  I am going to keep "inching" forward knowing that I am striving for long term health.  

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