Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I love my points!

Im finally getting a routine down with my workouts now I just need to figure out my diet.  Im officially down 9 pounds with only 41 more to go for the year. :) I started to get frustrated that I had only lost 9 then I thought,  HEY! thats 9 pounds you can forget about, be proud! So now that I have given myself a pep talk I have jumped on the train and I am "Officially On!" To help with this train ride I have joined Weight Watchers and am well on my way to dropping my next 9 pounds. On top of the Weight Watchers I took some advice from a good friend and I am working on sleeping at least 7 hours, not eating 3 hours before bed, cutting out sweets and increasing my water intake. I am also working on cutting out the elixir of my life.....Diet Dr Pepper! (So Sweet!)  So for now I am going to enjoy every point and BELIEVE - BECAUSE IT WORKS! (Go Jennifer Hudson!)


  1. That is awesome! My friend is a nutritionist, and she said losing four pounds a month is amazing, healthy, and tends to actually stay off. You can do it! Don't get discouraged.

  2. I love you Jenny! You're awesome!