Thursday, January 12, 2012


It is official, I have started the last year of my 20's.  I am super excited to begin this journey. To make the most of this year I have finalized a so called "Bucket List" for the entire year (ending January 12, 2013). I want to be held accountable for the goals I have set so I decided I needed to go public. I have created a bucket list that consists of 32 items that I want to accomplish during my 29th year.  I will post updates on my progress throughout the year to make sure I am accomplishing my goals. The rules are as follows:

1. I have to be honest throughout my journey.
2. Items can be added to the list but not removed. 
3. I have until 1/12/2013 to accomplish everything.

BUCKET LIST FOR 2012 – Last year in my 20s

      1.     Learn how to ski/snowboard
      2.     Attend at least 10 concerts 
      3.     Visit my best friend
      4.     Go to Arizona to visit family and friends
      5.     Phoenix Open
      6.     Drive to Vegas and the Grand Canyon
      7.     Take a random road trip with no itinerary
      8.     Go to Yellowstone/Island Park
      9.     Attend temple every month.
    10. Buy a house
    11. Attend a Steelheads game
    12. Attend BSU game
    13. Run Red Rock Relay
    14. Run Dirty Dash
    15. Lose 50 pounds
    16. Play my violin in church
    17. Read Jesus is the Christ and Miracle of Forgiveness
    18. Learn Spanish
    19. Make a family cookbook
    20. Go to Lagoon
    21. Learn how to play racquetball
    22. Ride a horse
    23. Ask out a guy :)
    24. Learn how to shoot a gun
    25. Float a river
    26. Learn to play the guitar
    27. Complete one round of P90X
    28. Try Sushi
    29. Volunteer for Make a Wish
    30. Go Camping
    31. Raise $500 for Relay for Life


I am super excited to see where this year takes me and I hope I can get everyone's support and encouragement while I attack a list that kind of intimidates me, but like I love to say "It's an ADVENTURE!"


  1. I love the bucket list, and think you will definitely complete it! Love ya Jenny, and look forward to reading your adventures throughout the year!

  2. Although I love them all, I am not going to lie "play my violin in church"just might be my favorite! I am so excited for you! You totally Rock!

  3. I will definitely be helping you with a few of these;)