Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy Friday the 13th!! :) Well I am one day into my 29th year and it has already been great! I had a long day at work yesterday but I received a great surprise......

Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love flowers and these couldn't have been more perfect! Thanks Mom! And thanks for a great dinner at Outback Steakhouse!

Then it was FRIDAY THE 13th!! No worries though I'm not superstitious at all! :) One of the first emails I received today seemed to fit in with everything I am trying to do right now so I wanted to share.

"If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough." - Lowell Lundstrum

I know my list might not seem like much to most but honestly it scares me a little. A lot of the items are out of my current comfort zone but I am excited for that. Im ready to start crossing things off, one by one!  

Whitney and Mick also caught the fever and decided to give me a little starter kit to help me accomplish the items on my list. It was absolutely perfect. Contents included: 
1. Idaho Map (for random road-trip without an itinerary
2. Memory Card to document my Adventure
3. Camping pillow (Amazing!)
4. Magnetic flashlight to hang in the tent! (Again so smart, have you ever tried to hang a regular flashlight without a rope of any kind?)
5. Handwarmers for when I go skiing.
6. Itunes giftcard for road-trip mixes
7. Racquetball with goggles. (Did you know if the ball hits you in the eye it can suck your eyeball out of the socket?!? Thanks for the info Mick!)

and last but not least Lacey gave me the coolest bag within a bag to always have with me, I can definitely see a million uses already!

The best part of the day was spending it with just a few of my friends. Nothing better than pizza, cake and a little competitive bowling. I honestly had a blast! Thanks again Ryan, Travis, Whitney, Mick, Lacey, Eric, Danielle and Daija for a great time!

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