Sunday, September 30, 2012

Go ahead, MAKE MY DAY!

I grew up with a Dad that had all kinds of guns, brothers that loved to shoot, and friends that hunted all of the time yet for some reason I have never shot a gun which is why I added this item:

24. Learn how to shoot a gun

My boss couldn't believe this and immediately took it upon himself to teach me how to shoot a gun. He put it all together and told me not to make plans for lunch on September 14th. He gathered up a few people from work (Griffin and Sheri), loaded up the guns and we headed to Walmart to purchase some ammo. There was one condition to this shooting outing, I had to wear something orange or camouflage.  I quickly found a bright orange vest, we purchased some ammo, a disgusting target, shooting goggles and earplugs and we were on our way. We headed up to the shooting range off of 2 1/2 Mile road. Corey and Griffin provided 4 different guns (Shotgun, 22, 7 mm Rifle, and a handgun). Corey set up a few boxes and I put on my vest, goggles and earplugs. LET'S DO THIS!

We decided to start with the shotgun, I was nervous but excited. 

Next came the 22 - Easy - Breezy

And then the handgun, it was a little harder to control.

And then the test for the day came... THE RIFLE. Let's just say HOLY KICK!

He didn't have a chance, I even took out his cheese. :)
All I can say is that shooting is a total rush and I can't wait to get my own gun. I've realized I love the excitement of trying new things and the accomplishment I feel when I reach my goals. Huge shout-out to Corey and Griffin for taking time to teach me how to shoot a gun and to Sheri for coming to support me. I work at a great place with some pretty amazing people. Let's cross another one off the list...

24. Learn how to shoot a gun

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