Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can we keep quiet?

I had so much fun completing item 30 that I decided to try it again.

30. Go Camping

 Sarah and Whitney planned a camping trip to Island Park so we could float the river to cross another item off of my list.  I was so excited yet a part of me was completely nervous, I knew I wouldn't sleep that night. We packed up our camping stuff on Sunday, September 2nd and headed to Island Park to pitch our tent at Buffalo Campground (They have flushing toilets :))

We set up camp, talked to Smokey Bear, cooked some hot dogs and roasted the perfect marshmallow.

After some great conversation and discussion on what we should do if a real bear entered our campground and approached our tent (we decided we needed to be quiet but weren't sure if it would be possible) we decided it was time to turn in.

We layered on the clothes and stuck on the foot warmers so we wouldn't freeze.  Just as we were about to fall asleep something (or I should say someone) suddenly hit the tent above my head while make some sort of growling sound. We immediately realized we could be quiet when needed.  After what seemed like an hour of silence Sarah jumped out of her sleeping bag ready to chase whatever did that. We were a little spooked and I knew there was no way I was going to sleep after that. After a lot of discussion we decided it would be best to sleep in my car just in case the person returned. We grabbed an air mattress and loaded it in the back then the three of us piled in and locked up.

We didn't sleep much and as soon as I saw the sun start to come up I was up and at it. (I love to watch the sunrise while sitting by a warm fire) After a few hours of dozing off in the chair Whitney and Sarah woke up and we started to pack up camp.  While loading the car a guy pulled up in his truck, rolled down the window and said "I hear there was a deer or elk roaming around camp last night, did you ladies hear it?" We all looked at each other and realized we had found our "tent attacker" After letting him know that we didn't hear a thing he decided to add "Are you sure? I know it was right here." We all ignored him and he drove off... Really? Did that just happen? Im not sure what kind of person would think that was funny but we all just looked that person in the eye. I can honestly say I experienced a little fear that night and it might be awhile before I go camping in a tent without a lot of people. As soon as he pulled away the car was loaded and we headed on our way to float the river........... cross your fingers I don't chicken out or freeze.

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