Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kiss Me Slowly.......

All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls, and Parachute in Blackfoot Idaho? Yup, you heard me right they were coming to Bingham County and I decided I couldn't miss it.  As soon as I heard I told everyone at work and before I knew it we had a large group going and I was excited.  On October 25th, Sheri, Trent and I headed to Blackfoot to meet up with everyone at Corey's house.

Keep your eyes on the road Trenton!
Sheri, Myself, and Trent

It was an adventure since we hit our first snow storm of the year on our way there. Good thing Trent is an amazing driver. We arrived around the same time as Wade and after a quick tour of the Dahle home we again piled into the vehicle and headed to the concert to meet up with Britni and her Mom and my friend Stephanie Holbrook (for her first concert ever!). I was pumped! I love Parachute and I have been a long time fan of All American Rejects. Parachute was the opening band and I started to work my way to the stage.  They were really the only ones I wanted to see that night and they did not disappoint.  
After an amazing performance we quickly headed to the merchandise table hoping the band would make an appearance.  Celebrate good times, we were in the right place at the right time.... and I got to not only get Will's autograph but he posed for a quick picture.  

Just hanging with the band! Star-struck!

Thumbs up for concerts!

My night was complete! After coming down from my high, I found the rest of the group and we enjoyed a little All American Rejects.  


I am sure he was on something but man they also put on a good show.  It brought back a lot of memories of college when I was obsessed with their music. Boys Like Girls were the final band, they have a few good songs but honestly they aren't my favorite.  We stuck around for a few songs and then headed out early since we knew the roads had the potential to be bad. It was another spectacular concert with some spectacular people. 

Myself, Britni, Sheri, and Kim

Rock On!

Number 1 fans!

Concert number 7 is complete!

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