Monday, January 14, 2013

Hang on tight and..........scream!

I love scary movies, ghost stories and haunted houses so when I received a text from my friend Rachel to go to the Haunted Mill I was excited.  We decided to meet up at Butter Burrs to grab a bite to eat then we all loaded in my car and headed to the Haunted Mill in Teton. (Jill Polson, Rachel Kingsford, Britni Warren, Lacey Myers, and Andrea Hedstrom)  This Mill was built in 1890 and after being shut down was turned into a haunted house in 1997. I love going to it every year and look forward to the anticipation of who or what will jump out in front of me.  Once we arrived we parked the car and headed to the line only to wait for over an hour before we made it into the mill.  We had enough people that we had to split into 2 groups.  I went through with Andrea and Britni and they didn't let go the whole time.  What a good time...I can't wait to go again. 

(Jill, Lacey, Rachel, Britni, Andrea and Myself)

Awwww Friends!

Smile! Even though you are scared.


Hmmm...Not sure who this is?

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