Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blown Away....by the sound!

I can't believe this concert has already came and went. Whitney and I were at work several months ago when we heard that Carrie Underwood was coming to Utah, we called my Mom and tickets were booked within minutes. I have heard amazing things about her concerts but I was seriously blown away by how amazing she was live.  Whitney and I finished up work on October 10th and headed home to pick up my Mom and head on our way.

On our way!

We made a quick stop at Redrock Brewery (my favorite restaurant) and then headed out to the Maverick Center for our concert.

Maverick Center

We were about 20 rows back on the floor and we were excited for it to start.

So Excited (Mom, Me, Whitney)

Hunter Hayes opened for the Carrie and honestly he surprised me. He is a very talented singer and great entertainer.

Hunter Hayes (Sorry he looks a little crazy here)

 I loved to watch my Mom, I think the last concert I went to with her was Garth Brooks at the Holt Arena back in the day.  I think at first she was blown away by how loud it was but she had a great time. It took awhile for Carrie to come on stage but it was well worth the wait, she rocked it!

There were only a couple of songs I didn't know and between her costume change, floating stage, and powerful voice it was well worth the loss of sleep for the night.

The floating stage, her entire band was on here!

The concert ended and we headed to our car and braced ourself for the 3 hour drive home. What an amazing night, have I mentioned that I love concerts? Only 4 more to go....

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