Sunday, June 17, 2012

Snow in June?

A camping we will go, a camping we will go......... On Friday June 8, Me, Lacey, Whitney and Britni packed up the car and headed to Big Springs for the first campout of the season. It was starting to get dark as we drove up the hill to one of the camp sites and the wind was howling. We quickly picked a site that I was familiar with and we started pulling everything out of the car.  It was almost impossible setting up the tent in the wind but we did it!! (Go Us!) We then tried to start a fire but it was an epic fail so we climbed in the tent to talk, sing songs and play games.

Gathered around the lantern. :)

Just chatting

The wind was a little scary.

Singing songs with the snake light.

After some amazing singing Britni headed home since she had to work in the morning and Whit, Lacey and I braved the wind for the rest of the night.  Just as we were galling asleep it started to rain and I quickly realized I was getting wet. (not good) After debating on whether or not we should go out and investigate we finally decided to put on our shoes and head outside.  The rain cover had come loose so we secured it down and went back to bed. The wind didn't stop all night but we all stayed warm and made it to the next morning.  As usual I was the first one up so I decided to start a fire and enjoy the morning.  It couldn't have been a better morning.  I watched the sun rise, drank some hot chocolate and enjoyed the day.  I thought about my Dad the whole time because he was always the first one up watching the sun rise. :)

After a few hours I decided it was time to wake everyone up. We made breakfast went for a hike and then headed to Lava.  It was a little chilly that day so we decided to head to the Hot Pools.  After soaking for awhile we headed back to camp.  As we climbed the hill the temperature continued to drop until it finally hit 30 degrees. We started a fire and bundled up in several layers of clothes.  
Just trying to stay warm.

Enjoying the fire

The fire

Our coffee percolator that we used to warm up our water for delicious hot chocolate.

No I am not going to the bathroom.

So happy to be camping.

While roasting hot dogs and marshmallows Lacey kept saying something was falling from the sky and we convinced her it was just ash from the fire.  About thirty minutes later it started to snow.  We sat there for quite awhile and decided to start packing up so we could be ready to leave if we needed to. Before we knew it the table was white and the snow was not going to let up.  We threw everything in the car and headed home for the night. Sad, sad day. 

So sad about the snow

The weather never cooperates when we camp


More snow coming our way.


I just wanted to stay
Even though our camping trip was cut short I still had a blast and I look forward to more camp outings this year. Lets mark one more off of the list..

30. Go Camping

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