Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I throw my hands up in the air sometime..............

I love roller-coasters! I love the anticipation, the thrill and I love putting my hands in the air just before the big drop....what a rush!! The closest amusement park to me is Lagoon so I thought this would be a fun item to add to my bucket list. I talked to a few friends and they were all on board to join me on July 21st. We met bright and early and piled into my car to take the trip down to Farmington Utah. We were planning on a scorcher that day so as soon as we arrived we applied the sunblock and headed into the park. We went from ride to ride and didn't stop all day. The first ride was Wicked (My Favorite) then it continued from there.  Big thanks to Kent, Lacey, Erin, Alicia, Jeff, Charlsee and Jeff for making it such a fun trip.  Here are some pics from the day:
The ride there - we lost everyone to .......sleep!

The gang!
Alicia, Me, Jeff, Kent, Charlsee, Jeff, Erin and Lacey

Oh yeah!

So Thirsty!


So nervous for the ride!

Lacey holding on tight! Worst ride in the entire park. 

Alicia and Jeff 

Ready to spin out of control!

Yay! Im at Lagoon!
Lets cross another item off the list:

20. Go to Lagoon

I hope I can go back for Frightmares!

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