Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fear Cont'd...

Back in March I published a post on Fear and Bucket List Item #23 - Ask out a Guy! I haven't posted an update on this for awhile.  Quarter 1 was a bust and after putting myself out there I was turned down. Quarter 2 went a little better and I decided to ask out the same guy from the first quarter.  It went better this time and he said yes. During this quarter he actually attended a few things with me and we had a lot of fun.  He is a very nice guy and a total gentleman. Although it didn't work out and we never actually ended up dating he reminded me that there are still good guys out there.  He taught me that we should never settle when it comes to dating. There were a few things that he did that I think all guys can learn from and all girls can remember that they deserve the same:

1. Compliment - He always had a genuine compliment. It made me feel good and it was never generic.       

2. Opened Doors - I never touched a door to a car or a building, he always opened it first. 
3. Paid - This is one I really struggle with, I don't like other people to do things for me. He would never let me pay when we hung out. At times I would get really frustrated and almost wanted to argue with him but eventually I let him do it because he wanted to do it. It meant a lot and I thank him for it. 
4. Kind - He is a very nice guy and was kind to everyone around. He made an effort to try to involve people in the conversation. He was also very kind to me and made me feel important. 

I have honestly never been around a guy that has treated me this well and at times I really didn't know how to handle any of it. I have fully convinced myself that I don't need this treatment or that I don't deserve this treatment. However now I know that I want nothing less than this treatment and I deserve it. Not only did I learn a lot I also faced my biggest fears and I put myself out there and...... I was rejected. I am again still alive, I am again just fine and I will again move on. Life is good and I look forward to the 2 quarters left in 2012 to continue to face my fears. Let's go make life worth living!  

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