Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OUCH! My stomach hurts!

My Mom found out that Brian Regan was coming to Logan Utah and she immediately purchased 3 tickets and invited Whitney and I to join her.  We decided to make a full day of it.  Whitney had a hair appointment in Brigham City that morning so my Mom and I decided to attend the new Brigham City Temple. It is a gorgeous temple and I was excited for the opportunity to go.

Afterwards we headed to Logan, grabbed a bite to eat at the Brewery and then went to see Brian Reagan. This wasn't my first time seeing him live but it was probably the best.  I was laughing so hard my stomach was killing me.  It was also fun to see my Mom laugh that hard. 

The show finished a little early so we drove over to the Logan Temple to take a few pictures.

More great memories with my Mom and Whitney!

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