Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Adventure

This year my Mom decided to take a huge leap and retire from her job as a Dental Assistant at Call Family Dentistry. I wanted to do something special to celebrate so I booked a hotel in Jackson Hole and planned a little weekend getaway.  I told my Mom that we were going camping in Island Park to throw her off.  She was hesitant to commit to the trip.  Once she had finally said she would go I started to get nervous about how she would pack.  We were headed to a nice hotel and I knew that she would kill me if she had clothes for tent camping.  So I changed my story and decided to tell her we rented a cabin and planned a nice dinner.  On Friday June 29th we packed up the car and headed on another adventure to Jackson Hole.  It didn't take long for my Mom to start asking questions about why we weren't headed to Island Park. We continued to make up stories on how the cabin was in the direction of Jackson. (Yes, I lied to my mother but it was for a good cause.) We turned up a little Peter Cetera and enjoyed the drive. She knew something was up when I headed into Teton Village, I think she was a little excited.  We stayed at the Snake River Lodge and Spa (Highly Recommended.) As soon as we pulled up she jumped out and asked the Valet man if there was a place to buy clothes because she packed for camping. We checked in and then headed out to find a good place to eat. 

My Mom was afraid of the bears that might come into our campground. Love that they had these outside our hotel. 

Happy Retirement!

The next morning we headed to the Tram to take a ride  up the mountain. The view was amazing!

Mom and Whitney

Crammed in the Tram


We finally reached the top and walked around to enjoy the view. Next time I want to take one of the hikes!

Riding back down the mountain.

Best photo ever!

We walked around Teton Village, grabbed some lunch and then headed into Jackson Hole.  We walked around, did some shopping, bought some cowboy hats and then caught a movie.  

We then headed back to our hotel and settled in for the night with a little room service. Great day!

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